Class Description

Tapping years of parenting, teaching and coaching in the trenches of suburbia, Kat Whitney is a loving and knowledgeable resource in the wild, fabulous and often hilarious quest for personal True North.
Using yoga and meditation practice, immersion in the dharma, and life coaching as tools for self-love and growth, Kat has been helping people find themselves and their path in life for over 20 years.
Dharma Coach ™ Yoga Teacher Training is, at essence, a year to explore yourself through yoga and become the compassionate, dynamic, highly competent, deeply committed world-changer you have dreamed of being. It’s like a guided tour of You, with fabulous opportunities for self-growth and personal change  . . .  and you just happen to find yourself as an incredibly powerful yoga instructor with a job at the end of the course!
Guided by the central text The Tree of Yoga by acknowledged yoga master B.K.S. Iyengar, you will explore five of the eight limbs of yoga. With an Ed. M in Teaching and Curriculum from Harvard University, Kat is uniquely qualified to share the Art of Teaching. Highly trained at Harvard by world-class educators Sarah Lightfoot Lawrence, Howard Gardner, and Carole Gilligan, Kat brings years of experience and expertise on the soul of teaching and how students learn, as well as practical methodologies.
Kat Mansfield’s vigorous yoga classes balance fun and challenge, emphasizing strength and alignment and immersing you in an inventive, thoughtful and powerful asana sequence. Her instruction style is infused with practical spirituality, a wry sense of humor and clear directives to help you navigate your practice safely. Kat has a unique ability to engage newly-minted beginners and advanced practitioners in the same class and offers a wide range of progressive instruction for all levels. With multiple yoga certifications and a master’s degree from Harvard University, Kat’s experience, warmth and commitment supports the pure potentiality of every student in class.